Art: Matthew Revert

Art: Matthew Revert

EDITOR’S NOTE: These stories span so many genres and styles: confessional, suspense, Lovecraftian, Romance, Barrio Noir, ghost stories, literary realism, true crime, tragedy, splatterpunk & horror. The only consistent feature is incredible writing, powerful characters & ending that leave you breathless. Some people drew directly from their real life experiences, while others kicked into full fantasy gear. Some of these writers took the songs, stories, and poetry of Lana Del Rey & Sylvia Plath and went in amazing new directions & others nailed that Plath or Lana voice so hard it gave me chills. Gathered here are some of the most gifted poets and prose writers working today & I cannot wait to share these stories with you. - Leza Cantoral

Tragedy Queens Writers Talk to Luna Luna Magazine



The Blacklist: Kathryn Louise

Crazy Mary: Patricia Grisafi

Pipedreams: Devora Gray

And All the World Drops Dead: Max Booth

Without Him (and Him, and Him) There is No Me: Laura Diaz de Arce

Going About 99: Christine Stoddard

The Lazarus Wife: Tiffany Morris

Stag Loop: Brendan Vidito

SP World: Lorraine Schein

A Ghost of My Own Making: Ashley Inguanta

Loose Ends: A Movie: Tiffany Scandal

Girls in the Garden of Holy Suffering: Lisa Marie Basile

The Gods in the Blood: Gabino Iglesias

The Land of Other: Farah Rose Smith

Sad Girl: Monique Quintana

Corinne: JC Drake

Sphinx Tears: Cara DiGirolamo

Rituals of Gorgons: Larissa Glasser

The Wife: Victoria Dalpe

Dayglo Reflection: Manuel Chavarria

Catman’s Heart: Laura Lee Bahr

The Panic Bird: Selene MacLeod

Because of Different Deaths: Stephanie Wytovich